At the Saddletree Montessori Child Care, we aim to provide children with the quality education and attentive care in an atmosphere of love, which promotes learning and successful socialization. Early childhood is a special time of wonder, imagination, and discovery. Teachers cherish and strive to protect each child’s journey through childhood. Young children need knowledge and new experiences to develop and thrive. We encourage children to learn through and play and “hands on” experiences: all of our many activities are age-appropriate. All learning cure in a theme base curriculum, which include Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Art, Music, and Dance. It is our goal to have each child enter kindergarten academically prepared and confident of their abilities. In addition to encouraging academic achievement, we strive to help the children develop joy in sharing and pride in self-reliance. The philosophy of the Saddletree Montessori Child Care is consistent with the needs of the child, in the progress of learning and developing.

The Montessori Methodology contains four major curriculum areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math and Language. In addition, Science and Social Studies (geography and history) are introduced into the classroom under the heading of Cultural Studies. Appreciation for The Arts (music and art) also finds a home in the Montessori classroom.